Q: I know you're doing agile but are you doing Scrum or Kanban?
A: Oh we do Scrum, I think, or maybe Kanban actually I'm not sure. We definitely have a board and cards so that's Kanban isn't it but we have stand-ups so it must be Scrum ... hmmm ...

I have this conversation a lot so I thought I'd put together the table below as a quick reference. Oh and if you're a little from column A, a little from column B then you're doing Scrumban :)

Scrum VS Kanban
Scrum Kanban
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Developer
There are no prescribed roles
Team Size
  • 1 Product Owner
  • 1 Scrum Master
  • 5-9 developers
Any size
Developer skillset All developers must be cross-functional, i.e. able to work on any task Developers can specialise
What project types
  • Greenfield development
  • Greenfield development
  • Software maintenance
Does the board get reset? Yes at the end of each sprint/iteration No
How is Work In Progress limited? By sprint/iteration By status
Are daily team meetings required? Yes No
Are team meetings time limited? Yes to 15 minutes No
What is the team meeting focus? Person Board/Card
Who can participate in the team meetings? Only development team members Anyone
Iteration length? 1 - 4 weeks Workflow is continuous, however you can have cadences for example planning, release etc.
How do you measure progress? Burn Down Chart/Burn Up Chart Cumulative Flow Diagram