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Accessing an IIS Express website from another device

Adam Cooper

IIS Express is great, no need to install IIS and mess around setting up sites it’s there ready for you with your Visual Studio installation. Unfortunately out of the box your IIS Express sites are only accesible from the local machine, fortunately with only a few steps you can easily give external devices access. For this example I have a web application named Sample.Website configured to run on

ASP.NET MVC Visual Studio

Some neat features of asp.net mvc 2

Adam Cooper

I’ve been upgrading an application to MVC 2 recently and I’m really liking a lot of the new features, so here’s some of my favourites: Model validation Steve Sanderson’s xVal was great for adding client/server side validation to MVC 1 painlessly. Obviously someone at Microsoft liked it because now pretty much the exact same functionality is baked into MVC 2. RequireHttps action filter Want a