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Awesome links of the week - Part 2

Adam Cooper /

ASP.NET SignalR WebSockets let you have bi-directional communicationbetween the browser and the server. SignalR lets you use WebSockets with ASP.NET and falls backgracefully if they’re not available as well as providing some other nifty RPC functionality. http://typesetinthefuture.com/moon/ Taking a second look at free fonts Smashing magazine are re-evaluating free fonts and seem to have nice things to say about some of them.…

Awesome links of the week - Part 1

Adam Cooper /

Ionic Like bootstrap for building HTML 5 apps http://ionicframework.com/ check out the getting started video then dive into the great quality docs. TypeLITE Do you want to automatically generate TypeScript Interfaces from your C# classes. So did I and I was going to have to write a T4 template to do it, fortunately someone far more awesome than me has already done just that, open sourced it,created…

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